City archive

“An archive is not a collection of rarities or a historical museum, but an organic part of official file management” Erich Kittel


The Radolfzell town archive is the memory of the town: it preserves the written and documented records of the history of the town of Radolfzell from the 15th century to the present day. The archive also promotes research into and knowledge of local and regional history.

The city archive makes it possible to use this material by organizing and indexing it accordingly. As a result, these documents are made accessible to users through finding aids.

The core task of the city archive is the evaluation, acquisition, indexing, preservation and provision of archive holdings. Permanent custody serves to ensure legal certainty and makes administrative action transparent and comprehensible.

In addition to the official documents stored in the repository, the city archive collects supplementary documents from people and institutions that shape the public life of the city. Bequests, photos and graphics complement the collections.

The archive is responsible for the town of Radolfzell. Since 1974, the town of Radolfzell has also included the districts of Böhringen, Stahringen, Güttingen, Liggeringen, Möggingen and Markelfingen, whose archives have been included in the town archive.

The Radolfzell municipal archive is a founding member of the first district-wide emergency network in Baden-Württemberg, in which the Constance district archive, the municipal archives of Constance, Singen and Stockach, as well as the Constance University Archive are also involved. In their agreement, the archivists undertake to provide mutual emergency personnel assistance in the event of an accident affecting the participating archives. More about the emergency network…

The staff of the town archive also work in the working group on remembrance culture in Radolfzell.